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Bhakti – What Can It Achieve?

Bhakti – What Can It Achieve? The appropriate question to pose would be, ‘Bhakti – What can it NOT achieve?’ At the offset, what is Bhakti? Traditionally several explanations are offered to explain what comprises bhakti. Some state Bhakti is devotion to a personified Godhead, while others maintain that Supreme Wisdom must be defined as …

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Significance of a Guru

Significance of a Guru Learning any skill is contingent upon us finding a guide who is capable of taking us under their wings, and inspiring us to find the truth we seek. In the world of spirituality where lessons that are learned are not physical but metaphysical, not tangible but intangible, the role of the …

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Attachment – The Supreme Trap

Attachment – The Supreme Trap Uddhavagītā is a section of the eleventh canto of the Śrīmadbhāgavata. The section that describes Bhāgavatadharma or the code of conduct recommended for the sincere seeker. The section unravels as a dialogue exchanged between Uddhava and Kṛṣṇa, towards the end of the avatāra. The earthly mission that the Lord had …

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Yakṣapraśnaḥ – A Dialogue between Yudhiṣṭhira and a Yakṣa

Yakṣapraśnaḥ A Dialogue between Yudhiṣṭhira and a Yakṣa Yakṣapraśna is a section of the Āraṇaya-parva of the Mahābhārata, specifically designed to explicate the subtle nuances of dharma. Once, while living in exile from the kingdom, the Pāṇḍavas were importuned by a particular brāhmaṇa to retrieve his fire-stoking sticks that were imperative for his daily fire …

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Dīpāvali – Narakacaturdaśī

Dīpāvali – Narakacaturdaśī Warm Dīpāvali greetings from us here at Vedic Cosmos! The most widely celebrated of Indian festivals, Dīpāvali has deep cultural and spiritual undertones to it. The name Dīpāvali itself means an array of lamps (dīpānām āvaliḥ,) and signifies cheer, wisdom and the triumph of good over evil. Dīpāvali is associated with Lord …

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