Kāvyas & Other Literature

The Sanskrit term ‘Kavi’ denotes an enlightened soul. Kāvya is any work that belongs to a Kavi. Kāvyas are the scriptures that portray the historical events in a poetic form, comprising beautiful narrations. The Rāmāyaṇa is considered as the Ādi Kāvya, the first poetic composition of Sanskrit literature. There were great Kavis like Kālidāsa, Bāṇa, Daṇḍi, Bhoja, etc., in ancient India who had contributed to the valuble Sanskrit literature through their works. Some of the well-known Kāvyas are Raghuvaṃśa, Kumārasaṃbhava and Kirātājunīya, etc.

Other than Kāvyas there are scriptures like Nītidarpaṇa of Cāṇakya, Pañcatantra, Hitopadeśa and Subhāṣita Triśati that contain valuable information suitable for men from all walks of life. Other than Sanskrit literature there is a vast treasure house of knowledge in the regional languages. Though the literature is regional, their approach is universal, and they are the greatest wealth that has to be preserved, preached and celebrated.