Predictions of Agastya – Pocket Edition

Insights into the future

It is an ancient tool of divination revealed by Sage Agastya. This book contains 64 verses and a divination mandala.

Predictions of Agastya is a compilation of Sage Agastya’s wisdom to benefit you in your decisions. This prediction kit gives you an insight into the future and guidelines for a more prosperous life.

Instructions for use:

The board of numbers has been provided along with a booklet of predictions. Set the board and then pray to the family deity or pray to the God you worship. Close your eyes, and place the flower on the board. Check the number that you placed the flower on and read the corresponding passage from the booklet to decipher what you can expect in the future.

The predictions provide you with an overview of how your day/week/life is going to be. It gives you a personal forecast about you and your family and which path to go down. Whether you are in a dilemma, indecisive, or just plain confused, the prediction board can throw some light on the situation, and help you decide what to do. The predictions advice you with caution and wisdom for future benefits. It gives you tips on health, wealth, career, family, education, and other relevant topics.

The number that you pick corresponds to a verse that has been translated from Sage Agastya’s words, the explanation of the verse is also given, The choice you make is not based on luck, it’s predestined, and therefore reveal what is meant to be.

According to legend, Sage Agastya, or Agathiyar in Tamil, is said to have lived 4,000 to 5,000 years ago in southern India. To help mankind, he prayed to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and wrote down and recorded all that he envisioned on palm leaves. These divine insights are said to be predictions of the life of those living during his time and also of those to be born in the coming times.

His predictions, which had been written in palm leaves, are now preserved. They have been maintained by the priest caste since the sage first wrote them.

Sage Agastya was born to Mitra-Varuna and the celestial beauty Urvashi.

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Predictions of Agastya – Pocket Edition

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