Sundarakanda – Wooden Edition A6 size



Sundarakanda – Wooden Edition A6 size




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SKU: 8901049 115675


Sundarakanda – Wooden Edition A6

Sundarakanda – Pocket Edition A6
This precious edition of the Sundara-kāṇḍa has been crafted with the most premium cloth cover imprinted with exquisite illustrations and decorated with artistic foiling and embossing.

  • gold plated corner clips

    Golden-gilded fore-edges with gold plated corner clips

  • Swarovski crystals

    Embellished with Swarovski crystals

  • embossed spine ribs

    Special embossed spine ribs to give an antique look


This edition comes inside a specially designed book-styled wooden box made using three different kinds of woods — Maple, Walnut and Beige. The box has been imprinted with colourful illustrations.

Sundarakanda Open View

This pocket edition consists of the English and Hindi translations of the entire Sundara-kāṇḍa which are presented as 12 chapters in a story-telling format. It begins with an invocation hymn to Lord Hanuman and ends with the complete 2800 Sanskrit verses for Pārāyaṇam purposes.

Sundarakanda Inner View

To make this art edition long-lasting, a special acid-free paper sourced from sustainable European forests has been used. The entire edition is printed with environment friendly vegetable ink made of natural ingredients from Japan.

The unique painting style followed throughout this book is inspired by the Ajanta frescoes and the painting of Vijayanagara, Bengal and Mysore. These vivid works, enriched by exotic colours, present an innovative blend that has evolved over the years.


Personalised messages can be imprinted on the wooden box.

Sundarakanda Front View
Sundarakanda Back View

A6 Size Dimensions

Book Dimension

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About the Book


Sundara-kāṇḍa, the fifth section/canto of Śrīmad Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa of Bhagavān Vālmīki, shines as a beacon of eternal light. Within its 2800 verses lies enshrined, many an invaluable lesson, personified in the one perfected soul – Hanumān. Hanumān, the protagonist of the Sundara-kāṇḍa, is a paradigmatic Bhakta (devotee), model emissary, warrior redoubtable, saviour supreme, preceptor peerless, and scourge paramount. Every endeavour Hanuman engaged in was profundity incarnate. Consequently, is this section of Śrīmad Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa named ‘Sundara-kāṇḍa;’ the term Sundara meaning beautiful/right. Hanumān of the Sundara-kāṇḍa exemplifies ‘Perfect Perfection.’

Our Editorial Philosophy

Vedic Cosmos has a panel of prominent Sanskrit scholars from different philosophical schools, such as Dvaita, Advaita and Viśiṣṭhadvaita, who are well versed in Sanskrit literature, Agamas, Dharma-śāstras, Purāṇas & Itihāsas, Nyāya, Vyākaraṇa, linguistics etc. We with our board of editors and researchers carry out an in-depth analytical and editorial research for all the editions that we publish. As such, we do not follow a particular school of thought or philosophy. We rather take into account various commentaries belonging to the different schools of thought and present the content in our books from an authentic, non-sectarian standpoint.

Our ancient seers and sages have preserved the treasure of transcendental knowledge of sacred scriptures for generations, which are available to us even today. Our mission is to provide the future generation with the authentic interpretation of these scriptures without losing their true essence. We therefore give the credit of authorship to the original revealers of these sacred texts such as Maharṣi Vyāsa/Maharṣi Vālmīki and not to any individual or translators.


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