Abandon the six enemies in you

  • षट् दोषाः पुरुषेणेह हातव्याः भूतिमिच्छता ।
    निद्रा तन्द्रा भयं क्रोधः आलस्यं दीर्घसूत्रता ॥
  • ṣaṭ doṣāḥ puruṣeṇeha hātavyāḥ bhūtimicchatā ।
    nidrā tandrā bhayaṃ krodhaḥ ālasyaṃ dīrghasūtratā ॥
  • One who wishes to attain fortune and prosperity in life should abandon six inherent imperfections in him, such as slumber, lassitude, apprehension, impatience, laziness and . . .

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