All five senses must indeed be reined in

  • पञ्चेन्द्रियस्य मर्त्यस्य छिद्रं चेदेकमिन्द्रियम्।
    ततोऽस्य स्रवति प्रज्ञा दृतेः पात्रादिवोदकम्॥
  • pañcendriyasya martyasya chidraṁ cedekamindriyam|
    tato'sya sravati prajñā dṛteḥ pātrādivodakam||
  • Even if one of the five senses in man is uncontrolled, wisdom slips away there from, much like milk leaks from a tiny hole in a container it . . .

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