Contentment makes man

Contentment makes man
  • धनलुब्धो ह्यसन्तुष्टोऽनियतात्माजितेन्द्रियः।
    सर्वा एवापदस्तस्य यस्य तुष्टं न मानसम्॥
  • dhanalubdho hyasantuṣṭo'niyatātmājitendriyaḥ|
    sarvā evāpadastasya yasya tuṣṭaṁ na mānasam||
  • He who hankers for wealth is ever unhappy, knows no restriant and has no control over his senses. Hence, he who knows no contentment falls into the . . .

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  1. Most important Subhashita sukti.

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