Deeds determine Destiny

  • शुभकृच्छुभमाप्नोति पापकृत् पापमश्नुते।
    विभीषणः सुखं प्राप्तस्त्वं प्राप्तः पापमीदृशम्॥
  • śubhakṛcchubhamāpnoti pāpakṛt pāpamaśnute|
    vibhīṣaṇaḥ sukhaṃ prāptastvaṃ prāptaḥ pāpamīdṛśam||
  • Man of noble deeds relishes pleasant fruit, and man of ignoble ones must suffer the acrid consequences. Hence does Vibhīṣa . . .

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