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Develop the ability to give even when misfortune strikes.

  • अनुकूले विधौ देयं यतः पूरयिता हरिः।
    प्रतिकूले विधौ देयं यतः सर्वं हरिष्यति॥
  • anukūle vidhau deyaṁ yataḥ pūrayitā hariḥ|
    pratikūle vidhau deyaṁ yataḥ sarvaṁ hariṣyati||
  • Give in alms when good fortune arrives, for your cup is ever full with the grace of Hari. Give in alms when misfortune calls upon you, for all is lost anyway!
  • – Subhāṣita-ratna-bhāṇḍāgāra


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