Experiencing sorrow – seat of ignorance

Experiencing sorrow – seat of ignorance
  • मोहो हि धर्ममूढत्वं मानस्त्वात्माभिमानिता।
    धर्मनिष्क्रियतालस्यं शोकस्त्वज्ञानमुच्यते॥
  • moho hi dharmamūḍhatvaṁ mānastvātmābhimānitā|
    dharmaniṣkriyatālasyaṁ śokastvajñānamucyate||
  • Being blind to dharma is illusion. Mistaking oneself to be the doer is pride. Indolence is the lack of engagement in one’s duties, and sorrow is ignorance . . .

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