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Extolling but never critiquing – Hallmark of the noble

  • गुणदोषौ बुधो गृह्णन् इन्दुक्षेडाविवेश्वरः।
    शिरसा श्लाघते पूर्वं परं कण्ठे नियच्छति॥
  • guṇadoṣau budho gṛhṇan indukṣeḍāviveśvaraḥ|
    śirasā ślāghate pūrvaṁ paraṁ kaṇṭhe niyacchati||
  • The noble accept virtues along with the faults as does Īśvara, the crescent moon along with the venom, Hālāhala.
    As does Īśvara (who bears upon His tresses) the crescent moon,
    the noble extol virtues; and as does Īśvara (who bears) the venom, the noble bury (mention of) faults in the throat.
  • – Kuvalayānanda


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