Extolling but never critiquing – Hallmark of the noble

  • गुणदोषौ बुधो गृह्णन् इन्दुक्षेडाविवेश्वरः।
    शिरसा श्लाघते पूर्वं परं कण्ठे नियच्छति॥
  • guṇadoṣau budho gṛhṇan indukṣeḍāviveśvaraḥ|
    śirasā ślāghate pūrvaṁ paraṁ kaṇṭhe niyacchati||
  • The noble accept virtues along with the faults as does Īśvara, the crescent moon along with the venom, Hālāhala.
    As . . .

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