Karma is inevitable

Karma is inevitable
  • अवश्यमनुभोक्तव्यं कृतं कर्म शुभाशुभम्।
    नाभुक्तं क्षीयते कर्म कल्पकोटिशतैरपि॥
  • avaśyamanubhoktavyaṁ kṛtaṁ karma śubhāśubham|
    nābhuktaṁ kṣīyate karma kalpakoṭiśatairapi||
  • Consequences of good and bad deeds must indeed be experienced, for they do not dwindle without being experienced, even after hundred thousand lifetimes of Brahmā.
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2 thoughts on “Karma is inevitable

  1. Good sukti for all.

  2. Thank you.

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