Learn to listen to the unspoken words

Learn to listen to the unspoken words
  • उदीरितोऽर्थः पशुनापि गृह्यते हयाश्च नागाश्च वहन्ति चोदिताः।
    अनुक्तमप्यूहति पण्डितो जनः परेङ्गितज्ञानफला हि बुद्धयः॥
  • udīrito'rthaḥ paśunāpi gṛhyate hayāśca nāgāśca vahanti coditāḥ|
    anuktamapyūhati paṇḍito janaḥ pareṅgitajñānaphalā hi buddhayaḥ||
  • Even animals learn to understand verbal cues. Horses and elephants learn to bear the burden when prodded . . .

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