Munificence – the eternal friend

Munificence – the eternal friend
  • सार्थः प्रवसतो मित्रं भार्या मित्रं गृहे सतः।
    आतुरस्य भिषङ्मित्रं दानं मित्रं मरिष्यतः॥
  • sārthaḥ pravasato mitraṁ bhāryā mitraṁ gṛhe sataḥ|
    āturasya bhiṣaṅmitraṁ dānaṁ mitraṁ mariṣyataḥ||
  • Wealth is the friend when one leaves home, and a wife is the friend when home. A potent medicine is the friend of . . .

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