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Not sharing one’s good fortune – highest form of indifference

  • एकः सम्पन्नमश्नाति कस्ते वासश्च शोभनम्।
    योऽसंविभज्य भृत्येभ्यः को नृशंसतरस्ततः॥
  • ekaḥ sampannamaśnāti kaste vāsaśca śobhanam|
    yo’samvibhajya bhṛtyebhyaḥ ko nṛśaṁsatarastataḥ||
  • He who partakes of rich food by himself but cares to share nothing, and clothes himself in finery without sharing them with the needy who depends on him is the most heartless.
  • – Vidhuranīti, 51


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