Purity in one who does not serve society is useless

  • प्रावृण्मेघस्य मालिन्ये दोषः को भूरिवर्षिणः।
    शारदाभ्रस्य शुद्धत्वं वद कुत्रोपयुज्यते॥
  • prāvṛṇmeghasya mālinye doṣaḥ ko bhūrivarṣiṇaḥ |
    śāradābhrasya śuddhatvaṁ vada kutropayujyate ||
  • How can the blackness of the rain-bearing clouds be faulted when it showers a profuse downpour? What indeed is the use of the purity . . .

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