Steer clear of the vile

Steer clear of the vile
  • दुर्जनैः सह संपर्कः शत्रुतापि न युज्यते।
    गृहीते दह्यतेऽङ्गारे शान्ते कृष्णायते करः॥
  • durjanaiḥ saha saṁparkaḥ śatrutāpi na yujyate|
    gṛhīte dahyate'ṅgāre śānte kṛṣṇāyate karaḥ||
  • Any relationship with the wicked is inappropriate, even enmity. Cinders scorch when hot and blacken one’s hands when cold!
  • - Vyāsa . . .

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