The irresolute are indeed swayed easily

  • उन्नतं पदमवाप्य यो लघुः हेलयैव स पतेदिति ब्रुवन्।
    शैलशिखरगतः पृषद्गणश्चारुमारुतधुतः पतत्यधः॥
  • unnataṁ padamavāpya yo laghuḥ helayaiva sa patediti bruvan |

    śailaśikharagataḥ pṛṣadgaṇaścārumārutadhutaḥ patatyadhaḥ||
  • ‘Though He may rise to great summits, the irresolute does fall easily’ said the rain drops that ascended the peak of the mount. With . . .

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