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The irresolute are indeed swayed easily

  • उन्नतं पदमवाप्य यो लघुः हेलयैव स पतेदिति ब्रुवन्।
    शैलशिखरगतः पृषद्गणश्चारुमारुतधुतः पतत्यधः॥
  • unnataṁ padamavāpya yo laghuḥ helayaiva sa patediti bruvan |

    śailaśikharagataḥ pṛṣadgaṇaścārumārutadhutaḥ patatyadhaḥ||
  • ‘Though He may rise to great summits, the irresolute does fall easily’ said the rain drops that ascended the peak of the mount. With these words upon their lips, fall did they to the ground, with the gentle breeze!
  • – Kuvalayānanda


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