The self is cleansed by learning and penance

  • अद्भिर्गात्राणि शुध्यन्ति मनः सत्येन शुध्यति।
    विद्यातपोभ्यां भूतात्मा बुद्धिर्ज्ञानेन शुध्यति॥
  • adbhirgātrāṇi śudhyanti manaḥ satyena śudhyati|
    vidyātapobhyāṁ bhūtātmā buddhirjñānena śudhyati||
  • The body is cleansed by water, the mind by truth, one’s inner self by learning and penance, and the intellect by wisdom.
  • - Manusmṛti . . .

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