The wicked are ever vile

The wicked are ever vile
  • दुर्जनो निकृतिप्रायः सेव्यमानो बुधैरपि।
    घृष्यमाण इवाङ्गारः निर्मलत्वं न गच्छति॥
  • durjano nikṛtiprāyaḥ sevyamāno budhairapi|
    ghṛṣyamāṇa ivāṅgāraḥ nirmalatvaṁ na gacchati||
  • The wicked are vile, even if waited upon by the noble. After all, soot remains dirty even when repeatedly polished.
  • - Vyāsa-subhāṣita . . .

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