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The wicked concentrate on the downfall of another, to the detriment of themselves!

  • अप्यात्मनो विनाशं गणयति न खलः परव्यसनहृष्टः।
    प्रायो मस्तकनाशो समरमुखे नृत्यति कबन्धः॥
  • apyātmano vināśaṁ gaṇayati na khalaḥ paravyasanahṛṣṭaḥ|
    prāyo mastakanāśo samaramukhe nṛtyati kabandhaḥ||
  • The wicked do not recognize the harm that befalls them, for they are intent on rejoicing the downfall of theirs. Often does a headless body dance about the battlefield rejoicing the people it has killed, but mindless of having lost his head in the process!
  • – Pañcatantra


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