Wisdom is truth in action

  • ज्येष्ठत्वं जन्मना नैव गुणैर्ज्येष्ठत्वमुच्यते ।
    गुणात् गुरुत्वमायाति दुग्धं दधि घृतं क्रमात् ॥
  • jyeṣṭhatvaṃ janmanā naiva guṇairjyeṣṭhatvamucyate ।
    guṇāt gurutvamāyāti dugdhaṃ dadhi ghṛtaṃ kramāt ॥
  • One does not attain greatness by birth but acquires it through the virtues that he possesses, just as the greatness of milk is enhanced . . .

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