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Wisdom is truth in action

  • ज्येष्ठत्वं जन्मना नैव गुणैर्ज्येष्ठत्वमुच्यते ।
    गुणात् गुरुत्वमायाति दुग्धं दधि घृतं क्रमात् ॥
  • jyeṣṭhatvaṃ janmanā naiva guṇairjyeṣṭhatvamucyate ।
    guṇāt gurutvamāyāti dugdhaṃ dadhi ghṛtaṃ kramāt ॥
  • One does not attain greatness by birth but acquires it through the virtues that he possesses, just as the greatness of milk is enhanced when it transforms into yoghurt and then into ghee.
  • – subhāṣitasaṃgraha


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