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Wisdom – the eternal wealth

  • हर्तुर्न गोचरं याति दत्ता भवति विस्तृता।
    कल्पान्तेऽपि न या नश्येत्किमन्यद्विद्यया समम्॥
  • harturna gocaraṁ yāti dattā bhavati vistṛtā|
    kalpānte’pi na yā naśyetkimanyadvidyayā samam||
  • There is but one wealth that cannot be stolen, that does not diminish when shared, and does not fade away, even at the end of time. What else can equal this wealth called wisdom?!
  • – Subhāṣita-ratna-bhāṇḍāgāraḥ


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