Words carry more power than we imagine

  • अम्भसा भिद्यते सेतुस्तथा मन्त्रोऽप्यरक्षितः।
    पैशुन्याद्भिद्यते स्नेहो भिद्यते वाग्भिरातुरः॥
  • ambhasā bhidyate setustathā mantroa’pyarakṣitaḥ |
    paiśunyādbhidyate sneho bhidyate vāgbhirāturaḥ ||
  • A dam may be demolished by a (tempestuous) wave and the (efficacy) of a mantra, by its disuse. A friendship may be sabotaged by casting aspersions and the . . .

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