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Words uttered by sages are divinely inspired

  • लौकिकानां हि साधूनामर्थं वागनुवर्तते।
    ऋषीणां पुनराद्यानां वाचमर्थोऽनुधावति॥
  • laukikānāṁ hi sādhūnāmarthaṁ vāganuvartate|
    ṛṣīṇāṁ punarādyānāṁ vācamartho’nudhāvati||
  • The words of ordinary poets follow the sense they wish to convey. The words of blemishless seers however, are sought after by profound sense. (In other words, ordinary poets choose words to suit their ideas, but the words of sages are inspired by a power that is beyond the ordinary, making everything they utter, profound truth.)
  • – Subhāṣita-ratna-bhāṇḍāgāraḥ


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