Sandhya Ballal

It was surely an exquisite piece of art that had entwined in it culture and history. A beautiful addition to our home. Thanks so much for the great book as well as the much appreciated buying experience offered by Nightingale.

Bina & Niranjan Nanavati

All we can say it is one of the best publications which we have stumbled upon, not only for the contents, but good aesthetic look,  quality of printing, paper selection, presentation, and most of all the pious feeling it has brought to our home. It was indeed a pleasure of interacting with your office and they were most helpful in all respect, specially when the parcel was stuck for Octroi. This book has found a special place in our home. Thanks a lot.

Alan Lade

The Signature Edition Bhagavad Gita sits proudly on a table and its beautiful presentation never fails to attract a daily reading of its wisdom. Such words cannot be matched by the makings of Man but this book certainly does its best to present the intrinsic beauty in an extrinsic way. We thank Nightingale Press for stepping beyond the normal to produce the exquisite.

Kailash Gupta

I have placed the Signature Edition of Bhagwad Gita at a very prominent place at my drawing room and I have always felt proud of its possession. Being a strong follower of Bhagwad Gita, I have also used it so many times for the interpretation of the shlokas. Visitors who have seen  the same have been very appreciative.