Tribute To The Great

Ever since the universe came into existence, innumerable sages, seers and saints have been manifesting in this world, generations after generations, to transform the lives of the beings in the world through their tremendous divine power.

They are the spiritual masters, the various incarnations of the Supreme, who have attained enlightenment and who have transcended the limitations of the material world.

Who are these eternal souls? What is the need for them to appear on earth when they had already attained enlightenment?

Verily, these enlightened beings are the masters of the Vedas that hold the essence of the Ultimate Reality. They discerned the eternal truths that remained invisible to mankind through their divine vision, and revealed them to us through various means. Though they had attained enlightenment, they chose to manifest in the world only to help the beings attain liberation from the illusions of the material world. In fact, they appear time and again in order to create a harmonious world. They are ever compassionate and possess an equipoised mind. They remain forever in a state of transcendental bliss. For centuries, these spiritual masters have been preserving the Vedic culture and heritage, and they have been imparting the transcendental wisdom to the seekers of Truth all over the world, only to make them realize that they are verily the sparks of the Supreme. If these masters never existed, the transcendental wisdom would not have been available to us and we would have forever remained ignorant, caught in the illusions of the material world, without realizing the fact that we are one with the Infinite that is eternal, indestructible and omnipotent.

We Pay Tribute To The Enlightened Souls Who Have Been Transforming The Lives Of The People Throughout The World, Generations After Generations!

The Saptarṣis, or the seven seers, are the guardians of the Vedic culture and tradition. They are the knowers of the Supreme Truth, and it is because of them that the vast treasure of Vedic scriptures, which reveal the eternal transcendental wisdom, is available to us.

They have been existing since the dawn of creation, and they dwell in Saptarṣiloka and manifest on earth in different periods of time, in order to enlighten the beings by revealing to them the eternal truths revealed in the Vedas, which were already present in the ethereal space and which they discerned through their divine vision. For this reason, they are known as the Mantra Draṣṭas, the seers of the Mantras revealed in the Vedic scriptures.

The Saptarṣis are no ordinary beings. They are the greatest scientists and philosophers ever known. They possess unparalleled wisdom and incredible divine powers within them, known as the Siddhis. They are not bound by space and time. They live for thousands of years, and attain the Siddhis after performing years and years of penance. With these Siddhis, they can see the past, present and the future, travel with ease to various cosmic realms and attain a state of consciousness, where they remain ever blissful and transcend the limitations of the material world.

These enlightened masters are ever compassionate and wise, possess an equipoised mind and render selfless service to the beings in the worlds. Their divine power is such that any being in their presence becomes immersed in a state of bliss and harmony.

The Saptarṣis live through the lifespan of Manu, known as the Manvantara. Each Manvantara is ruled by a specific Manu who is created by Lord Brahmā. There are 14 Manus — Svāyambhu, Svārociṣa, Auttami, Tāmasa, Raivata, Cākṣuṣa, Vaīvasvata, Sāvarṇi, Dakṣasāvarṇi, Brahmasāvarṇi, Rudrasāvarṇi, Dharmasāvarṇi, Devasāvarṇi and Indrasāvarṇi — who rule the 14 Manvantaras in cycles, and the 14 Manvantaras equals a Kalpa (a day of Brahman). For each of these Manvantaras, there will be different Saptarṣis who are the representatives of Lord Brahmā and who are the guardians of the entire cosmos. Currently, we are in the seventh Manvantara, for which Vaīvasvata is the Manu and the following are the Saptarṣis: Atri, Kaśyapa, Vasiṣṭha, Viśvāmitra, Bharadvāja, Gautama and Jamadagni.

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