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A6 Size Pocket Edition Book

Our gifting editions have been designed to make one’s reading experience delightful and memorable.

Gangajal & Udarni

Ganga Jal — the holy water from the Ganges obtained from Uttarakhand and Udarni, made of pure copper

Wooden Dhyana Shloka Book

A mini booklet containing a Dhyana Sloka or fascinating information about the book

Perfume & Incense Sticks

Handmade incense sticks & perfume with soothing, aromatic fragrance


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Gifting Trends from the Land of Vedas

Vedic Cosmos is an initiative from the house of Nightingale that will take you on a rich spiritual journey and help you experience the transcendental bliss with its unique masterpiece editions of timeless Vedic scriptures. Our treasure house of products includes an extensive range of Vedic books and gifts crafted with exquisite works of art ideal for gifting during a Corporate event. it shall also be the best gift for parents, grand parents, friends, relatives, well wishers, a religious person and last but not the least children - to nourish the habit of good spiritual reading in them. It will undeniably be unique, sentimental, touch hearts in an unparalleled way and be treasured forever.

Customized Corporate Gifts For Clients

Customized messages can be imprinted on the box for personalized gifting. It exhibits the high value and esteem you hold for your clients . As an unarguably par excellence creation, this will undoubtedly be a precious gift suitable for any age or gender. It is sure to add an extra personal touch and bring a smile of appreciation and glow on faces of the recipient and be cherished forever.

Perfect Gift to suit Festivals and Occasions

The planet we live in is blessed with innumerable festivals, events and occasions . The message of Sanathana Dharma is broad, universal and sublime and is meant for the people of the entire world. It has a message of solace, freedom, salvation, perfection and peace for all.

Our Signature as well the Gift editions will go a long way in creating a stronger bond between you and your loved ones and serve as a memorable gift for any individual irrespective of the caste, creed, culture, tradition or race.

Make a reading Experience Delightful!

Our gifting editions have been designed to make one’s reading experience delightful and memorable. Aside from imparting spiritual wisdom, they will gladden the readers with their finest craftsmanship. The rich mural artworks, the finest Acid Free paper sourced from the Sustainable European forests, the golden-gilded fore-edges and metal corners, and the glossy cover adorned with exquisite work of art and Swarovski crystals will delight the readers and leave a lasting impression in their minds.