It is the inner eye that beholds the Infinite!
Mission of Vedic Cosmos is to Expand your Vision.

Throughout the ages, the science behind the existence of the Cosmos has always remained a mystery.
Beyond the limitations of mundane perception, there exists a higher state of consciousness which is only experiential.
It is the state of Cosmic consciousness which makes us realize …

I am without form, without limit, Beyond space, beyond time, I am in everything, everything is in me. I am the bliss of the universe. Everywhere am I. I am Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, Bliss Absolute. I am that !
- Swāmi Rāma Tīrtha

The Mahāvākyas from the Upaniṣads…
Aham Brahmāsmi – I am Brahman!
Prajñānam Brahma – Consciousness is Brahman!
Tat Tvam Asi – That thou are!
Ayam Ātma Brahma – This Self of mine is Brahman!

The mission to realize this is within you! We at Vedic Cosmos, want to be a small instrument in helping you implement this!

Our paths may differ but our destination is one,
which can be attained through the limitless transcendental knowledge which is being treasured in our timeless scriptures. Vedic Cosmos, is striving hard to bringforth this knowledge to its customers.

We embark on a quest to reveal the Vedic wisdom,
culture and spiritual heritage through our creations.
Our work is intended to create awareness and stimulate interest in you, encourage you and inspire you to discover the journey of Self-Realization through the ancient scriptures of Sanatana Dharma – The Universal Cultural Heritage.

Core values at Vedic Cosmos have been greatly inspired by the Vedic values that lay emphasis on the righteous way of living which will help enrich the lives of all beings and create a harmonious world. This can be achieved by developing righteous thoughts and performing righteous deeds. A society that is exposed to good values is considered an enlightened society, a society which is devoid of conflicts and which paves way for a harmonious life on earth. Peace, prosperity and joy will flow automatically when we embrace and follow the values mentioned in the Vedic scriptures.

OM! May we be protected!
May we be nourished!
May we work together with great energy and vigour!
May our intellect be sharpened!
Let there be no animosity among us!
OM! Shāntiḥ! Shāntiḥ! Shāntiḥ!