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The traits and adventures of Shri Hanumanji revealed like never before.

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This edition comes to you with an attractive wooden box with artistic printing.

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With beautiful illustrations, this edition of the famous hymn features the Chalisa in its original Awadhi language. Also, it comes along with its transliteration in English and translation in both English and Hindi. Hence its a great buy for people who love to recite Hanuman Chalisa with perfection.

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The unique painting style found in this book is inspired by the Ajanta frescoes, the paintings of Vijayanagara, Bengal and Mysore.

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Grand Features

Hanuman Chalisa Gift Edition

Embellished with Swarovski crystals

Embossed Gold Foil work on the Spine

Golden-gilded fore-edges with gold plated corner clips


Customised message can be imprinted on the box for personalised gifting.

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The Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn composed by Goswami Tulsidas in praise of Lord Hanuman, which is more powerful, sacred and recited by many of his devotees. The Chalisa has 40 verses (excluding the beginning and ending couplets) in which, the author has praised the brave and heroic deeds of Lord Hanuman in a poetic manner

A Tribute to Goswami Tulasidas

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Goswami Tulsidas was a great scholar of the Vedic scriptures and a mystical poet of the 16th century A.D. He is well known for his version of the great Indian epic ‘the Ramayana’, which he named as Ramacharitmanas. Tulsidas is also known for his famous composition ‘Hanuman Chalisa’, which is a very powerful hymn in praise of Lord Hanuman. The poet meditated on Lord Hanuman intensely and composed Hanuman Chalisa from his profuse gratitude to the Lord.

Our Editorial Philosophy

Vedic Cosmos has a panel of prominent Sanskrit scholars from different philosophical schools, such as Dvaita, Advaita and Viśiṣṭhadvaita, who are well versed in Sanskrit literature, Agamas, Dharma-śāstras, Purāṇas & Itihāsas, Nyāya, Vyākaraṇa, linguistics etc. We with our board of editors and researchers carry out an in-depth analytical and editorial research for all the editions that we publish. As such, we do not follow a particular school of thought or philosophy. We rather take into account various commentaries belonging to the different schools of thought and present the content in our books from an authentic, non-sectarian standpoint.

Our ancient seers and sages have preserved the treasure of transcendental knowledge of sacred scriptures for generations, which are available to us even today. Our mission is to provide the future generation with the authentic interpretation of these scriptures without losing their true essence. We therefore give the credit of authorship to the original revealers of these sacred texts such as Maharṣi Vyāsa/Maharṣi Vālmīki and not to any individual or translators.



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6 reviews for Hanuman Chalisa – Wooden Edition A7 Size Book

  1. Mahavir G

    Very nice. Just love it. The quality is excellent and th packaging and customisation etc. were all exactly as was expected and promised on the website. Th delivery was prompt as well (had the item inside 3 days of ordering it online).
    An exceptional item to not only own but also to gift to someone.

    You should make more of these signature editions… not just in the Hanuman Chalisa, Gita and Patanjali yogasutras but others as well.

  2. Venkata Jagannadha Rao Pasumarthi

    I have gone through the entire booMadam received the Parcel just now. Thanks a ton.
    The packing is excellent and the content is amazing I liked the whole thing. My next order will be for Sundarakanda.
    It is comprehensive in all respects and flawless I can imagine the amount of research and effort that must have gone into it
    The pictures are absolutely great
    Overall I can say that this volume can reach only those who are destined to receive it
    I once again thank the publishers, artists, writers who bought the various details together and I will be failing if I do not thank Customer support team for ensuring that I receive the volume at the earliest
    It justifies the price Madam I inquired about the price when I spoke to you😊
    My next order will be for the Sundara Kanda
    I am reading the Valmiki Ramayan and Vedic Cosmos’s Hanuman Chalisa happened…I am elated
    In Bliss and ecstasy….Jai Bajrang Bali

  3. Kalpesh Shah

    Amazing service by your staff member Aruna. Quality printing done on the product and the product was delivered before time as I had to carry it to London. Attention to details were giving in the entire process and i did many changes in the typing still the staff members called me back and helped me do many changes which I wanted.
    Happy to do business again…Good luck guys

  4. Ashwini Naveen

    Top most priority given to maintain quality of product…. Well defined subject with emphasis on every word translation in simple english… Very good job, keep it up..

  5. Naveen

    Wonderful Book explaining sanskrit slokas and essense of it in simple English with line by line description… Cost of the product is well balanced with detail presentation, which initially during order i thought it was on higher side.. But worth every single penny paid… Highly recommended product to one and all.

  6. Ram Sharma

    Doing good, God bless you. Also include other epics in your publications

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Hanuman Chalisa – Wooden Edition A7 Size Book

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