A Captivating Journey of Courage and Devotion


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Discover the timeless epic of Sundarakanda, a mesmerizing chapter from the ancient Indian epic, Ramayana. Immerse yourself in the captivating tale of Hanuman’s heroic journey to find Sita, filled with courage, devotion, and divine encounters. Experience the power of this spiritual masterpiece that continues to inspire and uplift hearts worldwide.

Artful Wooden Boxes

Sundarakanda in two sizes

Introducing our exquisite wooden boxed editions of the Sundarakanda, available in two convenient sizes. Each edition is encased in a handcrafted book-styled wooden box, meticulously made from Maple, Walnut, and Beige woods. Adorned with captivating illustrations, these boxes showcase the artistry and craftsmanship involved. Not only do they protect your cherished Sundarakanda, but they also add elegance to your bookshelf or sacred space.

Choose the perfect size for you and immerse yourself in the divine journey of Lord Hanuman.

A Timeless Epic, Embellished in Elegance

These meticulously crafted editions of the Sundarakanda features a premium cloth cover, adorned with stunning illustrations that bring the epic to life. The indulgence continues with a special laser-cut metal book marker, delicately designed in the shape of a mace, ensuring you never lose your place in this captivating tale.

Every detail is a work of art, with foiling and embossing adding a touch of elegance to the cover. The books are further enhanced with Swarovski crystal embellishments, adding a sparkling allure to the reading experience. The golden-gilded fore-edges and gold-plated corner clips provide a regal touch, truly making these editions a treasure to behold.

A Breath-taking Visual Journey

Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerizing illustrations that grace the pages of these remarkable editions of the Sundarakanda. The colours, textures, and compositions are harmoniously balanced, creating a visual feast that complements the rich narrative of the legend. Whether you’re a lover of art or a devotee of literature, these beautiful illustrations will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression, making this a treasure trove of visual delight.

Embrace a sustainable reading experience with these editions of Sundarakanda. The pages are made from acid-free, responsibly sourced papers, ensuring the preservation of the text while reducing harm to the environment. The inks used in the printing process are derived from vegetable-based materials, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

Uncompromising Authenticity

Whether you are a scholar seeking a faithful rendition or a newcomer eager to explore this timeless epic, you can trust in the authenticity of the translations presented in these editions of Sundarakanda. Immerse yourself in the wisdom and beauty of the original text, as it shines through in the carefully chosen words and phrases, transporting you to the profound world of Ramayana.

A6 Size Book

(11.4 x 15.6) cm
105 Illustrations
  • Original Verses in Sanskrit
  • Translation in English
  • Translation in Hindi

A7 Size Book

(8.5 x 11) cm
105 Illustrations
  • Original Verses in Sanskrit
  • Translation in English
  • Translation in Hindi

Personalized Perfection

Make Sundarakanda truly your own by personalizing the accompanying box. Whether you choose to engrave or print, the personalization options allow you to create a cherished keepsake or a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Words of Praise

The testimonials serve as a testament to the power and enduring appeal of Sundarakanda, as well as the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of these editions.

Malathi Munisamy
Malathi MunisamyPuducherry
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Really one of a kind product. Excellent
Easy order placement and timely delivery in excellent condition
Rajeev Nangia
Rajeev NangiaNew Delhi
Read More
It’s exactly as mentioned on your website and it’s truly a beautiful product. A must have product. Excellent, unique and very personalised and receptive. Keep this experience going the way it is
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The small wooden case itself is excellent and everything else too - very nicely printed with lovely fonts, high quality paper and colourful Illustrations.

Worldwide Shipping

We are delighted to offer worldwide shipping, ensuring that readers from all corners of the globe can experience the magic and beauty of this timeless epic.

A6: 0.96 kg
A7: 0.46 kg

Embrace the epic journey of Sundarakanda and embark on a transformative reading experience. Order your copy now.

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