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Discover the divine attributes, profound wisdom, and mystical powers of Lord Hanuman, the embodiment of devotion and strength. From his avatar as a divine monkey to his unwavering loyalty to Lord Rama, delve into the timeless teachings and spiritual significance of this beloved deity.

This pocket edition of Hanuman Chalisa has been made with a superior quality cloth based cover material for its longevity.

The below image depicts the actual A7 size.

A Masterpiece of Elegance

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing details of the book, which boasts intricate foiling and captivating embossing, transforming it into an unparalleled work of art. Additionally, the golden-gilded fore-edges and gold-plated corner clips further elevate its visual appeal.

It comes with a cute little bookmark featuring Lord Hanuman

Discovering Divine Connection

With captivating narratives, invocational hymns, and profound insights, this Hanuman Chalisa book serves as a guiding light for seekers on a transformative journey towards inner awakening and divine connection.

This edition of the famous hymn features the Chalisa in its original Awadhi language with their transliteration in English and translation in English and Hindi. Best buy for who love to recite Hanuman Chalisa with perfection.

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Place your order now and embrace the magnificent beauty of the Hanuman Chalisa Hardcover Edition.

Readers Share their Experiences

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Excellent quality book that will last for a long time. Beautifully laid out and amazing artwork on the front.
Kailash Gupta
Kailash Gupta Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
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I have placed the Signature Edition of Bhagwad Gita at a very prominent place at my drawing room and I have always felt proud of its possession. Being a strong follower of Bhagwad Gita, I have also used it so many times for the interpretation of the shlokas. Visitors who have seen the same have been very appreciative.
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