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Composed thousands of years ago, this work is the foundation of India’s greatest legacy: the practice of Yoga.


patanjali swarovski crystal

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Comes Inside An Exclusive Antique-Styled, Finely Crafted Box Made Of Solid Wood Using Three Different Kinds Of Woods — Maple, Walnut And Beige Along With A Metal Lock. The Box Has Been Imprinted With Colourful Illustrations Adorned With Swarovski Crystals.

Yoga Spirituality Books

To make this Edition long-lasting special acid free paper sourced from sustainable European forests have been used. The entire edition is printed with Eco friendly vegetable ink made of natural ingredients from Japan.

patanjali yoga sutra book

This book contains the transliteration in English for the original Sanskrit sūtras and also translation in English and Hindi, in an articulate manner. The illustrations used in this book have been greatly inspired by the traditional Tibetan temple paintings and rich artworks crafted on the walls and architecture of ancient Indian temples like Chidambaram, Brihadeeswarar, etc.

yoga sutra metal bookmark

A Metal Bookmark with an engraved classic design

Complementary Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

ayurvedic yoga mat

Yoga practice blended with the Ayurvedic lifestyle with the power of plants and herbs

  • Natural cotton
  • Handwoven
  • Naturally dyed with medicinal herbs such as Vettiver, Maddar, Turmeric and Tulsi
  • Special ribbed weave for comfort and grip
  • Natural rubber coating on the reverse side of the mat which is slip-resistent
  • Fairtrade product

The Vedic Cosmos Yoga mat is produced based on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda by blending the natural fibers with plants and herbs. The fibers are boiled and mixed with the herbs as per the traditional techniques.

Grand Features

Embellished with Swarovski crystals

Embossed Gold Foil work on the Inner Pages

Golden-gilded fore-edges with gold plated corner clips

Antique Metal Lock

Shipping carton dimensions

yoga sutras carton dimensions

L x H x D – 400 x 415 x 155 mm
Gross Weight : 8.9 Kgs


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Additional information

Weight 8.9 kg

About the Book


patanjali yoga sutra book

Yoga is the most ancient science which has been taught for thousands of years. Maharṣi Patañjali systematized and organized it by formulating 196 aphorisms, which are called the Yoga-Sūtras.

A Tribute to Maharṣi Patañjali

Maharṣi Patañjali stands out as one of the mightiest trees of wisdom to have emerged from the fertile soil of ancient India.Maharṣi Patañjali made a three-fold contribution to humanity:

His insights on Sanskrit grammer to the purification of speech.
His insights on medicine to the purification of the body.
His insights on Yoga to the purification of the mind.

Maharṣi Patañjali classified the Yoga Sūtrās into Four Pādas (chapters)

  • Samādhi Pāda

    Maharṣi Patañjali explains how the modes of the mind operate and how they must be halted in order for a Yogī to achieve Samādhi.

  • Sādhanā Pāda

    Maharṣi introduces the eight limbs of Yoga and explains each of them in detail, along with the fruit of their practice.

  • Vibhūti Pāda

    Here Maharṣi elaborates upon a special Yogic method known as Samyama.

  • Kaivalya Pāda

    Finally Maharṣi describes the ultimate purpose of existence – to achieve the state of Enlightenment

Our Editorial Philosophy

Vedic Cosmos has a panel of prominent Sanskrit scholars from different philosophical schools, such as Dvaita, Advaita and Viśiṣṭhadvaita, who are well versed in Sanskrit literature, Agamas, Dharma-śāstras, Purāṇas & Itihāsas, Nyāya, Vyākaraṇa, linguistics etc. We with our board of editors and researchers carry out an in-depth analytical and editorial research for all the editions that we publish. As such, we do not follow a particular school of thought or philosophy. We rather take into account various commentaries belonging to the different schools of thought and present the content in our books from an authentic, non-sectarian standpoint.

Our ancient seers and sages have preserved the treasure of transcendental knowledge of sacred scriptures for generations, which are available to us even today. Our mission is to provide the future generation with the authentic interpretation of these scriptures without losing their true essence. We therefore give the credit of authorship to the original revealers of these sacred texts such as Maharṣi Vyāsa/Maharṣi Vālmīki and not to any individual or translators.



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3 reviews for The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali

  1. Nikhil Ranjan

    I received the Vedic Sutras of Patanjali special edition. Thank you very much, it’s a beautiful product.

  2. Ramoji Rao

    Thank you very much for “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” with the essence of Vyasa’s commentary.

    I am happy to learn that you have brought out the elegant edition on the occasion of the 4th UN International Day of Yoga.
    You have fulfilled a tremendous task by giving the sanskrit text of each Yoga sutra, its transliteration in English and meaning in both Hindi and English.
    By bringing out the book, you have rendered great service to the cause of Yoga enthusiasts who wish to elevate their wisdom levels.

    I hope it will be welcomed by one and all.

  3. Jeanette Rawlani

    Simply beautiful. Would highly recommend, especially as a gift to someone.

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The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali

(3 customer reviews)



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