Wooden Altar Kit


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This edition is encased in a handcrafted Wooden altar gift box, meticulously made from Maple, Walnut, and Beige woods. Adorned with captivating illustrations, these boxes showcase the artistry and craftsmanship involved. Not only does it provide utmost protection for your cherished book, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and beauty to your sacred space.

A6 Size Yoga-Sutras

(11.4 x 15.6) cm

Indulge in the unparalleled luxury of our Youg-sutras editions, meticulously crafted with the finest premium cloth cover adorned with exquisite illustrations. Enhancing your reading experience, they include a special laser-cut metal book marker adding a touch of sophistication.

Gangajal & Uddharani

Gangajal is the sacred water that has immense power even today to obliterate the sins of the mortals and bestow upon them the relief from the Samsara’s ill effects of bad karma. Sourced from Aungi, Gangotri Valley, Uttarkashi, duly licensed, approved and authorized by various departments of Uttarakhand Government, we bring you this holy water in its purest form packaged in a glass bottle. The Uddharani spoon made of pure copper is specially designed in an antique manner.

Wooden Dhyana Shloka Book

In this first of its kind wooden book we present here, the Nirvāṇa-mañjarī of Ādiśaṅkara, for abhyāsa. We believe that the repeated chanting of these verses can lead to the experience of Śivatvam (Śiva consciousness.)

Incense sticks & Perfume

This Yoga Sūtras Wooden Altar Kit comes with handmade Lotus incense sticks and a bottle of liquid perfume with the soothing and aromatic fragrance, the immaculate blossom of surrender.

Enchanting Colours and Artistic Marvels

Discover the embodiment of excellence and environmental consciousness through the Yoga-Sūtras Wooden Boxed Edition. Meticulously designed on ethically sourced acid-free papers, it safeguards the timeless wisdom for future generations. By employing eco-conscious vegetable-based ink, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to our planet’s well-being.

Authentic Wisdom Unveiled

Yoga teaches compassion for all beings beyond any religious and sectarian views. Experience unparalleled authenticity and unbiased insights through our commitment to editorial excellence. Our esteemed panel of Sanskrit scholars, representing diverse philosophical schools, ensures an authentic and non-sectarian approach with meticulous research and analysis. Our mission is to preserve the true essence of these sacred texts, acknowledging their original revealers such as Maharṣi Patañjali.

A6 Size Book

(11.4 x 15.6) cm
50 Illustrations
  • Original Verses in Sanskrit
  • Transliteration in English
  • Translation in English
  • Translation in Hindi

Personalized Perfection

Enhance your gifting experience with our personalized options, adding an extra touch of thoughtfulness.


With secure worldwide shipping, this divine treasure will be delivered to your doorstep no matter where you are.

2.94 kg

We wish you much delight with this beautiful timeless work. Order your copy now.

Readers Share their Experiences

Join the community of countless readers who have embarked on a transformative journey with The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Wooden Boxed Edition. Read their testimonials and reviews, bearing witness to the profound spiritual growth and enlightenment they have experienced.

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The book is so beautiful, it exceeded my expectations! Also the content is very powerful, I like the fact that there are the three different languages for a better learning experience.
Donna Warhurst
Donna WarhurstUK
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Absolute delightful company to deal with and my book is stunning. Something i will have im my possession for the rest of my life. Thank you
Charu Rao
Charu RaoBangalore
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Exquisitely designed. Premium quality print and lovely illustrations. Totally recommend it as a collectible or as a gift.
M.Suresh Karthik
M.Suresh KarthikChennai
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Excellent material and can feel more positivity by reading the content. Excellent wayo design and quality of the material are superb. Benefits and messages from Vedic Cosmos are worth than million when compared to prices of the books they sell. Long live Vedic Cosmos and team. Let their services continue and spread like banyian tree branches
Bet H
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I want to leave feedback on the incredible quality of your wonderful books - in all aspects, the pring, the illustrations and the bindings. The books are truly beautiful works of art and the translations are scholarly but easily understandable without being dumbed-down. Not only is the timeless vedic subject matter spiritually inspiring but the beauty of the books themselves is awe-inspiring - just holding them is a gratifying treat for the physical senses.
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