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Vedic Cosmos

Vedic Cosmos is an initiative that will take you on a rich spiritual journey with its unique masterpiece editions of timeless Vedic scriptures, and help you in the journey of spiritual enlightenment. Our treasure house of products includes an extensive range of Vedic books crafted with exquisite works of art. It is also a tribute to our enlightened masters and the ancient sages who originally revealed the scriptures to the world. The range also serves as a reminder that irrespective of culture or country, we are all descendants of an ancient global civilization, a civilization that has survived the ravages of time.

Come explore the world’s oldest intellectual legacy.

‘He who studies the essence of the divine knowledge, preserved by the seers and the sages, tastes the fruits of purity, and Goddess Saraswati bestows upon him the Divine wisdom.’

– Rig Veda (9.67.31-32)

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From 19th December 2020, The Articles Are Published In Hindi Also.


Serve with love and humility

अतिथिर्यस्य भग्नाशो गृहात्प्रितिनिवर्तते। स तस्मै दुष्कृतं दत्वा पुण्यमादाय गच्छति॥ atithiryasya bhagnāśo gṛhātpritinivartate | sa tasmai duṣkṛtaṁ datvā puṇyamādāya gacchati ||

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Recognise where endeavour can be fruitful

नाद्रव्ये निहताकाचित्क्रिया फलवती भवेत्। न व्यापारशतेनापि शुकवत् पाठ्यते बकः॥ nādravye nihatākācitkriyā phalavatī bhavet | na vyāpāraśatenāpi śukavat pāṭhyate bakaḥ ||

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